Thursday, July 12, 2012

There's a great blog by an American living in Turkey, his father-in-law is being held as part of the "KCK" case. It's a fantastic read, clear sighted, personal, and extremely human. At the end of this post he talks about how some villagers from the area of Bingol told him about something strange in the region: There had been a huge increase in the population of snakes, very aggressive snakes, something way out of proportion to what is natural. They also told him the Turkish Army had released insects which ate their crops... while this sounds paranoid, it is in line with what I saw in 2009-- the trees were eaten alive by caterpillars, and coming into contact with the dust in the area caused me to break out in the most nasty rash (two weeks of burning, itching torment), anyway, above is a picture of one of these caterpillars which are I believe "Processional Caterpillars".  It seems very possible that the Turkish Government is using a kind of biological warfare on the villagers in the region. In line with the chemical burning and deforestation, as well as the actual burning of forests to deny cover for the guerillas, but also to make life hell for villagers and pressure them to migrate west and assimilate.

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